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STAMPA Fine Art Photo Cards & Prints started with idea I had back 2017.

From my first real job as a Letterpress Printer and then many years later going on to be a photographer gave me the love of both print and image making.

During my studies I would spend many hours in my darkroom creating mini test prints that I would dismiss or save for later and send to family and friends as a way of sharing my work and keeping in touch. I got a real enjoyment from this and I realised it allowed me to get my images out to people in a more personal way. 

So years later still searching for a commercial outlet for my photography I thought about those times and decided to create STAMPA. 

The name STAMPA is a direct reference to my Italian roots, STAMPA; meaning PRINT in Italian.

My Momma his Italian and she gave me such a happy loving childhood, giving me the inspiration to be creative and to follow my passion for life and photography.

I have always been influenced by the early pioneers of photography from the moment I started to look and practice the medium. I have never been interested in how an image is made but the reaction and emotion that it evokes, often high-lighting the beauty of photography through all it's imperfections during the making process of an image.

Because of this influence my work takes on quite a distinctive unique vintage look and feel, many of the cards & prints I produce look like those you may find in an old family album or of photographs left discarded to age.

All the cards & prints that I produce come from both film and digital processes and are printed in-house on quality Fine Art Card and Paper.

A2 - A0 Fine Art prints are produced by a local Fine Art Photo Digital Printer/Framer



cards & prints to treasure....

thank you / grazie

to those who have helped me along the way, especially....

mamma - dad

deni deni



our kid, JEZ...


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